A Day at the Races!

29 June 2017

With the diggers closing in, it was time for the Matter team to escape the studio and give the builders a chance to really go at our newly forming workspace, and with that the Matter bank holiday was born! But what to do with a glorious Friday in Bath? The races of course!

The day began like any other Friday (although perhaps a little later than usual) the café around the corner, Same Same. The breakfast did not disappoint, with chief critic Lottie approving of this week’s choices. The smell of coffee and sun cream filled the air as the fairer skinned among us prepared for a long old day in the sun..

Next we were on to Hall and Woodhouse, known for its rooftop terrace, a spot not to be missed on a day like today. It was here the final members of the team assembled, including our latest recruit Deanna, who managed to break from her studies in Nottingham to come and meet the team before starting in July. 

With the team at full strength we were off by taxi to catch the first race of the day. 

The sun shining and the drinks flowing everyone was on fine form, despite most of us losing out to some dodgy donkeys along the way! 

There were some questionable choices of sun protection on show...

As the races came to a close we grabbed a taxi and headed straight for the Marlborough’s beer garden. It was here a keen eyed member of the team spotted Olympic swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn and after a brief conversation we figured out that he was more interested in talking about Mabel than his Olympic achievements (but do we really blame him!?) 

The faces looking a tad red we thought it might be time to retire indoors so next it was time for a Matter favourite, the Wine Vaults. A casual atmosphere, real ale and more importantly, a pool table where after a few games the team’s competitive side started to show. 

There were some shocking skills on display but eventually it was James “The Halifax Hammer” Butterworth who came out on top, easily winning the best expression of the day. 

After a long day in the sun, the team began to feel its effects and most of us made our way home. However, the night was still young, especially for a certain member who, having managed a “quick” nap on his train, ended up no less than an hour and a half away from home but thanks to some resourcefulness, a kind bouncer and a surprisingly cheap coach journey all was well come the early hours (with maybe just a little bit of explaining to do to the other half). 

Supposedly there were stunning views in Taunton...

Another fantastic Matter outing over, we certainly hope for more team bank holidays! 

A huge thanks to Matt and Row for organizing the day and hope that certain members of the team are able to navigate their route home more successfully in the future!