Britain's got talent


24 June 2016

This year we have trawled the country's degree shows to find fresh new talent to join our expanding team here in our (soon to be) expanding studio.  On return we sit down with mixed opinions. Another highly creative year of some damn fine students but all being asked to present themselves in a formulaic recipe that in some cases are 'Clones of the course'. Where are the sketchbooks?, deconstruction of the thinking? or the ideas that got away? Why are hobbies and interests being left of CV’s? - and why, as designers do we give the opportunity to share their 4 years of hard work with strict number of slick images arranged identically on a page as the designer to the left and to the right? We get that as year groups its nice to hang together but identical - really? We don't see that in architecture? 

And finally an ask from yet another slick Made in Brunel, another year of upping the design anti from the previous year. Another year of building on a winning recipe that maybe we are getting just a little bit bored of. Maybe next year a uniform? - as surely this is the very last bit of creative expression that can be stripped out of some really, and I mean really, talented designers.  Lets give them back the opportunity to express themselves a bit more and not that of their previous peers - dare I say it but it's becoming predictable and boring possibly two words I would hope not to associate with a fellow Brunelian!

But we were lucky...

There are the exceptions -  designers daring to express themselves and this we applaud and most definitely employ! Watch this this space as in the coming weeks we welcome two - yes two, fresh new faces to our team.