Chalet Matterhorn Christmas Party

28 November 2016

Heading to Chalet Matterhorn, the team wrapped up warm in our most fabulous alpine wear, ready for a weekend of celebrating. 

After a delicious Friday breakfast we headed to our first destination - Westons Cider Distillery. The tour offered a unique back-stage pass to the traditional and very English art of cider making, not to mention a few samples along the way. 

Arriving at Chalet Matterhorn, we donned our finest Alpine headwear, warming up with a mug of vin chaud, and a plateful of fondue! 

In true Alpine style, the partygoers headed to Le Yeti to dance on tables and sample the famous Schnapps creations. 

With our mountain-wear on and anticipation building, we headed to the next secret destination...

Arriving at the Paintballing centre, a mixture of dread and excitement filled the air. As colourful snowballs were fired across the mountain landscape, team members worked hard to protect the two chosen Yetis.

...we have a feeling one Yeti may not have been so well protected.

Heading back to camp, a well-earned rest was needed. Sitting by the fire, nursing bruises and slightly sore heads, we managed to conserve some energy ready to continue the celebrations. 

An evening of delicious food and cocktails ensued. Thank you so much to Shirin and her team from The Big Event Catering for the incredible dinner.

To top off the evening we had our first ever Gnome-y awards. Congrats to everyone who collected an award!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a christmas party without a dancing snowman, giant Jenga, and matching hats.

A massive thanks to Lottie and Row who managed to organise an amazing party, what a great way to finish the year. It's safe to say that we all feel a bit like Mabel today.

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    8 October 2016

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    8 October 2016