13 February 2018

Last year Infiniti Design launched the GREEN FACTOR Design Contest 2017. 

The brief: to design a pair - chair and stool. 

This pair must be made entirely of wood, sustainable, and 100% recyclable. Minimise/eliminate the use of alternative elements such as metalware or screws. Consider waste of materials and space, and aim to optimise volume when disassembled.

This was seen as a great opportunity and a new challenge for our team...

NEST is a reactive chair and stool system. Designed to simply adapt as your living space naturally transitions around you, from a place of relaxation, to work station, or simply hanging out with friends. 

Urbanisation, agile working, and the sharing economy are ever more prevalent, space is at a premium. We react with adaptable, smart and efficient spaces to fit to our lives.

The Nest chair and stool pair work together to provide what you require when you need it, without having to own or accommodate multiple pieces of furniture.
A range of colour and material options across the three components offer bespoke combinations to fit a spectrum of environments and personalities.


We approached the challenge by identifying a user context that would inform creative thinking towards a real and relevant design opportunity. The platform opportunity of ‘reactive furniture’ was outlined as a synergy between current and future consumer thinking, and a natural fit with sustainability principles previously outlined by the team at Matter. The team explored a breadth of inspiration and concepts through structured ideation and iterative 2D and 3D sketches in order to define the lead concept, Nest, and develop it to requirements of the brief.