It's that time of year again... Races!


31 May 2018

Well it’s that time of year again, the sun is shining and that could only mean one thing – the races! What better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon than saying hello to familiar and new faces, drinking pints and hedging our bets!


The day started as usual in the Matter studio, with everyone busy finishing off their work. But with the sun shining through the windows and the time nearing 1, the team became restless – time to call it a day and head to the pub!  

Dana, our newest recruit who will be starting her placement with us June, managed to come down from Nottingham for the day – did she know what she was getting herself into?! James did, who for some reason wants to come back and join us full time after his final year…

             We made our way over to The Hare & Hound. With its stunning views and great food, it was the perfect lunch spot. It was also prime time to pretend we knew anything about horse racing, and plan some tactical betting. 

We also had a guest appearance from Lottie and little Bertie who are both doing well. With our bellies full with some amazing food and beers, and the betting “experts” emerging from within us, we headed over to the racecourse.


        There were a lot of different betting tactics on show, some which paid off and many that left our wallets feeling a little (or a lot) lighter. 

Amidst all the races there was also time for a quick photoshoot with Lord Bossington after a failed attempt of getting into the owner’s enclosure. 

                Despite the blue skies it was pretty cold, and as the last race drew to a close most of us were left huddled around the bar inside. Taxi!

Back in the City Centre we headed to The Boater for some more drinks in the warmth, as the night pushed on people slowly dropped off having to catch the last train home. The commuters were advised not to fall asleep on the train and end up in Taunton… 

The last decision of the day for the remaining few– McDonalds or Taka Taka? A massive thank you to Matt and Row for organising the day out!