New Designers 2017


2 August 2017

Another crop of young designers, another year of major projects. But what would capture the attention of the Matter team at this year’s New Designers?

Arriving early for a day in London, the team had been spread between the boroughs on various excursions (including exhibitions, shows and a little bit of competition judging). So following this we reassembled at the Business Design Centre in Angel to survey the various disciplines and projects that the best of British universities had to offer. 

There was a massive array of work on show, projects varying from composting bins to wool-potato material hybrids. 

The winner of the Mars prize “Little Heroes - Hospital Garments for Children” (with our very own Matt Wright being part of the judging panel)

Judges Comments: 

'Little Heroes shows how design thinking can make a big difference. The judges appreciated the problem solving research with doctors, children and parents. The garment provides functional advantages in patient care and creates a positive emotional experience.. all with a detailed consideration of manufacturing simplicity and cost.'

We also got the chance to catch up with the newest members of our team of the team (so new that they haven’t even started yet!) 

Joshua, joined by his Sheffield Hallam course mates, displayed some of the best creativity in the building. 

Joshua’s project ‘Canary’ is a product service that provides healthy air for your home by monitoring the surrounding environment to determine a suitable air purifier and filter combination. Its ethos is about rethinking the way we own products, their leased rather than owned to prolong lifespan and allow them to be maintained and reused once one user no longer requires them. Designed to create a circular economy of products for its sustainable benefits.

And Chris, part of the team that created the Northumbria stand and its identity, showed excellent design execution with his travel bag ‘Carrypod’ which allows users to adapt and simplify the bag to their needs. The individual ‘pods’ allow you to arrange the products for easy access when travelling.

Overall another impressive show from the universities, displaying fine innovation and creative thinking that may well help disrupt the industry in the coming years.

As for the Matter team, it was to the Northumbria afterparty for a few drinks and the last train back to Bath!