Our First Monthly Roundup!


26 July 2016

A lot has been going on this month, inside and outside of the studio. Here's just a few things that we at Matter have been inspired by this month.

Ori by Fuseproject

Furniture of the future?

People are seeking smaller living spaces as an economic opportunity, and while it meshes well with notions of sustainability, the question Ori is tackling is: how do we accommodate a living room, bedroom, closet and office space in a small 200-300 square feet apartment? - Fuseproject

MIT Media lab has teamed up with Fuseproject to create The Ori system, smart robotic furniture for small spaces. The design not only provides a solution for urban living but also carefully considers today's new lifestyle aspirations - a desire to live efficiently, live simply, yet provide flexibility and choice. Could this become the future of living?

Dyson Demo concept store now open in London

Dyson Demo showcases the brand's full range of products and technologies, including the all-new Dyson hairdryer. The immersive exhibition space encourages visitors to pick up, test, and try out the products, providing them with a first-hand look into what goes on behind the scenes of the Dyson labs. 

We haven't yet made it down but it's on our hit list!

Some pretty impressive up-cycling

With companies becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of their products, up-cycling is growing ever more popular. 

Sony has partnered with sustainable swimwear label, AURIA, to upcycle headphone wires into a range of travel accessories. The Sony x AURIA 'Fashion Unplugged' Collection includes a range of bright coloured products, such as, passport covers, sunglass cases, beach bags, smartphone cases, and beach 'sliders'. 

Another interesting and very desirable piece of up-cycling comes from startup Hamilton Perkins Collection. The startup partnered with social enterprise Thread to create designer travel bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and lined with vinyl from repurposed billboards. See their Kickstarter campaign here.  

A couple of inspiring re-brands

Formerly known as Coke Zero, Coca Cola Zero Sugar has been re-launched in the UK with a message of moderation. The new packaging and £10million ad campaign aims to discourage Coke drinkers from consuming too much sugar. The rebrand is set to align with Coca-Cola's 'One Brand' strategy to help make choice easier and simpler. The four colas will be marketed under one brand of Coca-Cola, allowing the no/low sugar variants to benefit from the close association with Coca Cola Classic. An interesting direction to take.

Mastercard have also had a recent rebrand, revealing a new logo for the first time in 20 years. Pentagram have managed to simplify and modernise the logo whilst still maintaining its iconic nature. It was important to keep the recognisable visual language to retain consumer trust, while updating it for a contemporary audience, says Pentagram partner Michael Beirut.

Channel 4 releases Superhuman ad

Channel 4 recently released the much-anticipated We Are The Superhumans ad for Rio Paralympic Games 2016. The impactful and empowering campaign celebrates the incredible abilities of people with a range of impairments, including Paralympic athletes, musicians, and members of the public from all over the world. A powerful message and a powerful 3-minute trailer to build anticipation for the Olympic and Paralympic events ahead.

Spector typeface and colour collector

The Spector tool provides users with a tool to discover the name of any font used on printed material, as well as, the spacing and size of that font. In addition, it can detect colours, giving specific CMYK, RGB, and Pantone values. 

A tool that some of us in the studio could definitely do with getting our hands on.

The Koski Boardgame, merging the digital and physical world

The Koski game is designed for children to combine physical and digital play. Magnetic building blocks are connected in the real world, creating simple or complex structures quickly and easily. An additional app augments the blocks to create a whole new world, in real time, coming alive with live creatures, waterfalls, trees, and much more.

An inspiring and exciting new take on promoting creativity within young children.

That's it for this months round up, keep an eye out for some more journal posts soon.