What inspires us?


20 June 2016


Growing up I was always a maker and a thinker, thinking about it now its clear to see I had the doing aspect from my dad, a true craftsman with wood, stone, and Collyweston slate. And my mum clearly a talented shy creative, who can mix oils and watercolours with the best and flour an egg better than Mary Berry. The doing is what inspired me and from doing and trying and discovering and more importantly playing, the first thing that inspired me from an early age was getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty! 

The inquisitive nature of just trying never fails to inspire be it a cooking lesson in Vietnam or drystone walling in the lakes, an attitude that everyday prevails in scratchy head moments, and simply if you have never done something before if forces you to think, adapt, try harder, ask more questions, fail, try harder adapt and achieve.

I just love making stuff.

Comis Chef, Hoi An Vietnam

Best of British

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with two of the the very best design Sirs the UK have witnessed in the last two decades. Sir Kenneth Grange and Sir James Dyson. Super inspiring to me to simply share a studio with, to experience first hand the intuition, care, obsession and fanaticism in every last detail. Both pioneers that never fail to inspire. 

Even now through hard work we collaborate with the very best like minded individuals and teams that display the labours of similar fanatical care, attention, love and dedication that I have grown up with. The success of others inspire and drive that of my own.

Kenwood chef, I love them and now have six!

Labour of love. The Keyn Chair For Herman Miller Top work Rich and team

Keep it simple

Its the simple things that make me smile that inspire me. Be it a simple font - (fonts are super inspiring and mesmerising in their own right, read: Just my type by Simon Garfield) or a simple object with simple details (Braun PC3 SV) or just a simple idea that has truly been thought about differently and usually through experiencing the need. 

And sometimes its the simplicity of tasks that allows my mind to breathe. Like stacking wood or the craft of dry stone wall, both truly rewarding, both addictive and both really difficult to get right. For those of you who don't get it - you wont until you try it - then you will. 

Simple is hard and never straightforward.

Simple Tip Ton by Barber Osgerby for Vitra 2011

  2. Rams for Braun PC3 SV 1959

Virtues of reality

And lastly (and I think this comes back to the maker and grafter in me) I love things, objects, something that ages with you, the smell of making something from wood, a tired wallet, a burnished phone you know is yours, a photo that fades.

I love things that exist and can be admired, loved and cherished, things that age with you that trigger the memories without the play pack.

Objects that last, have a value, can be restored or repaired, treasured or simply passed on.

Matt Wright Design Director/Partner and Founder

1999-2003 Dyson NPI ,1995-99 BSC (Hons) Product Design Brunel University, Internships: DCA / Pentagram