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12 June 2016

Food for thought

For as long as I remember I’ve been inspired and excited by food, the act of cooking, and the cultures behind so many dishes. At the heart of a great meal is an understanding of the relationship between ingredients and their interactions. Whether it’s trying a new ingredient, a different cuisine or scraping together what’s left in the back of the cupboard, it all fosters creative openness.

I believe this mindset and approach towards creativity can help inform the design process in many ways. Similar to cooking, design requires an understanding of interconnectedness, the ability to identify patterns and harmonies, and the acceptance of failure. With the right mixture of these elements, as well as, questioning, trying, failing, and learning, ultimately a unique piece of design can be created…or a delicious meal.

Food Market on the island of Borneo

My bookshelf (or lack of)

"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
Dr Seuss

Nothing is as fulfilling as escaping into a good book. Books captivate, they charm, they soothe, and delight. They have a powerful ability to pull us into their world, taking us to strange and interesting places, inspiring imagination. 

Within a digital age of screen-staring, and tap-tapping away, I find the narrative of a book invaluable. Not only do books allow us to 'switch off' but they provide us with the tools to grow. By reading, we gain knowledge, we gain perspective, we gain confidence. We let our minds run free.


This is where opinion is divided. Some are covered in them, some hate them. The taboo of tattoos has certainly worn down but the positive and creative impact they can have is not often discussed.

In an ever changing world, there is something poetic in the permanence of a tattoo. I see it as a fascinating curation of stories and art, an act of self expression and individuality. The process by which I come up with ideas, draw out thoughts, edit and design each tattoo allows me to be fully creative with no deadlines, and no boundaries...total creative freedom. A nice balance with the more structured world of work.

Vagabond Tattoo Studio, Hackney

Graphic stuff

Aside from a love of books and food, I'm slowly but surely collecting graphic prints from some of my favourite graphic designers and illustrators. Rather than explain further I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Anthony Burrill, Jean Jullien, Thomas Danthony


2014-15  Studio Make Believe,  2011-14  BA (Hons)  Design For Industry, Northumbria University

Internships:  Beyond Digital Agency,  Earnest Agency,   Fish&Co,  GoodGym

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