What inspires us?


30 August 2016

The Messner Mountain Museum | Zaha Hadid


From a young age I’ve always had a fascination with buildings and architecture.  I blame building houses on Sims and the unhealthy amount of Grand Designs I watched as a kid… Whether it be the beauty of a historic cathedral or the innovate thinking of Huf Haus, I’ve used architecture as a source of inspiration throughout my work. One of my favourite Architects is the late Zaha Hadid. Her forward thinking and experimental forms inspired me to think outside the box and push my creativity. Possibly my favourite piece of work was the Messner Mountain Museum which was built into the side of a mountain…bonkers. Her bold use of material, form and scale is everything that made this piece of design speak out to me. 


Guitars and music, what more do you need? Music plays a big part of people’s lives, down to the way we dress or way we think. Some people read books; some people go out on walks. I like staying home and creating a lot of noise… its my way of relaxing (Very Rock ‘n’ Roll). Not only are guitars the coolest looking things on the planet but also they are combination of great design and craftsmanship. The skill and attention to detail involved in the making of these instruments is fascinating and I pride myself upholding the same standards in my work. 

The Vamp – Paul Cocksedge


This little beauty is called The Vamp. Designed by Paul Cocksedge, the very small, very colourful Bluetooth amplifier gives old forgotten speakers a new lease of life. Why spend £3­00 on a new Bluetooth speaker when you can spend £50, it just makes sense. Hearing the rich sounds coming out of an older speaker is great and if you have any lying around the house I seriously suggest you invest in this little pocket rocket. (God, I sound like a salesman) The way Paul uses new technology to revitalise outdated tech is admiring and for me, The Vamp is a great example of how good design thinking can combat issues such as planned obsolescence and short product lifespans in todays society.

Simple. Playful Design

My favourite design company is Alessi. Their fun, playful approach to design is iconic and from an early age I’ve been exposed to this style of design. Growing up in a shop that only sold Alessi products, again, played an important role and possibly has made me slightly biased but every time I see a product that has been designed by Alessi it makes me smile. 

Eco Design

In terms of inspirational design principles Eco-Design is the one that stands out. As a young designer I feel responsible to address issues surrounding sustainable design. Products that reduce their inevitable impact on the world inspire me; for example, the Eco-urn is truly the most positive and thoughtful product I have seen for a while. The idea that when a person passes away their ashes could be used to create life is a beautiful thought. I’ve already ordered mine…Made out of completely biodegradable materials this product is a true representation of good, thoughtful, eco-friendly design. 

Jake Dale-Brown Design Graduate

2012-2016 MDES Product Design Sheffield Hallam University.  Internships: Impact Creative Partnership