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26 June 2016

Skiing. Speed. I just love it. I used to dabble in Alpine racing many moons ago. That’s not me by the way, it's Ted Ligety (USA Ski Team)...

 Ligety has transformed GS skiing. For years World Cup GS races where won by mere 10ths or 1000ths of a second. Ligety recently implemented a completely disruptive technique that he has worked on for over 8 years, enabling him to win World Cup & Olympic races by full seconds, making him almost untouchable.

This takes dedication & the maximising of multiple elements... Be that mental strength, physical strength, equipment & the preparation of equipment in order to innovate & disrupt.

I can draw parallels from this in absolutely maximising all the elements of the design process in order to do the same.

Ted Ligety, US Ski team, Slalom // Giant Slalom

Another true passion of mine is cars & how the boundaries of engineering, speed & performance are constantly pushed.

The McLaren P1 GTR, I love its raw & serrated nature. As a designer I cant get enough of the surfaces on this thing. Beautiful yes, but to me the P1 is the epitome of form and function. Its form being a bi-product of striving for the ultimate in aerodynamic performance.

For me, when something has beauty as a result of achieving optimum function, its a winner.

P1 GTR, McLaren 2015

The ‘TipTon’ chair. My favourite chair. I've adored this thing since its release in 2011.

This chair is based on a foundation of key insights and 2 years of research. To me the result is something which has beauty and function in equal measure. Again, this is what its all about for me, much like the McLaren.

Turns out we are lucky enough to use this chair on a daily basis in our studio.

TipTon - Vitra, Barber Osgerby 2011


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