What inspires us?


25 August 2016

A Challenge

Having that creative challenge is for me one of the best things about design. Even from a young age I loved to build Lego structures, cut up pieces of paper and card and make something from it. As I’ve got older my initial creative interest directed more towards graphic and brand design. However eventually I developed a passion for designing products just by discovering how interesting and complex design can be, and wanting to be part of creating a certain story and uniqueness to something.

Manga Inspiration

Acting as a form of escapism, a world where anything is possible, and for me a place where determination allows you to achieve whatever you want. It inspires myself to constantly aim to become better and develop as a person. The art itself is to me something else, how the lines, and the overall drawing aspect allows you to see a story simply through illustration.

Drawing developed into another interest of mine alongside manga. Being able to create a statement by putting a pen to paper, and draw what’s going on inside your mind is a great thing

Studio Ghibli – Princess Mononoke

Aesthetic & Sustainable

There’s something special about the appearance of a product, that initial emotional connection you can get from the first glance of seeing an object. Good design for me is not through over complex form, but instead focusing in on the sleek details, and having a certain minimal structure.

Then there’s acknowledging the importance of remembering to create for the future, which echoes to me the idea of sustainability. There’s a certain depth to creating something sustainable, which has a beauty about itself, by being able to use natural resources and making something new.

THE Soap - Manabu Mizuno

James Butterworth Design Intern

BA Product Design Nottingham Trent University